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About LAP Research

We are a charity dedicated to researching diseases
that affect the liver, pancreas, gallbladder and biliary tree


LAP Research was set up in 2007 by two surgeons who specialise in the area of medicine (known as hepatopancreaticobiliary medicine, or HPB for short).

They recognised the need for a charity dedicated to research into the wide range of conditions and illnesses that affect all of these organs, rather than focus on one particular organ or disease.

We're the only charity in the UK dedicated to research into diseases affecting the liver, pancreas, gallbladder and biliary tree. We direct funds into cutting-edge, crucial scientific research and involve ourselves in the education of those affected - the public and medical professionals alike.

Our Vision, Mission & Values

Fighting for life and quality of life


At LAP Research we are very clear on what we are trying to do and take care to ensure we are all working towards the same goals, to support ground-breaking research and deliver results that make a difference to people's lives.

Our vision

To find novel, preventative and curative treatments for liver, pancreatic and biliary diseases.


Our mission

To fund the highest quality  research into diseases of the liver, pancreas and biliary tree whilst educating healthcare professionals and others affected about outcomes.


Our values

  • Driven - We are driven to succeed in tackling the most insidious illnesses, inspired by those we see affected every day fighting for life and quality of life.
  • Pioneering - We are seeking out new knowledge to deliver ground-breaking work and unprecedented results for those affected.
  • Rigorous - We are rigorous in our selection of projects, using ‘in the field’ experience to assess proposals critically and achieve the highest quality research outcomes.
  • Open - Open and willing to share knowledge and work with others to achieve the greatest benefit for patients.
  • Compassionate - We feel the imperative to deliver tangible benefit to those affected, quickly; to fight for life and quality of life.


The Time is Now

The need for research today is clear


The liver, pancreas, gallbladder and biliary tree are affected by illnesses that range from the simple and benign, to the life changing and fatal. Although most people have heard of the liver in relation to news stories about alcohol consumption, fewer people have heard of the pancreas and its crucial role in the body, whilst the biliary tree and gallbladder are complete mysteries to most.

This relatively poor awareness of these organs and the medical speciality that deals with them makes funding much-needed research into their causes and treatment very difficult.

The need for funding is clear: liver cancer and pancreatic cancer claim thousands of lives in the UK each year; pancreatitis is a poorly understood condition that affects all age groups and remains a killer of young and old alike; and cancers of the biliary tree have some of the lowest survival rates of any type of cancer.

Pancreatic cancer will be the fourth deadliest form in Britain by 2026 due to late diagnosis; survival rates have not changed meaningfully for 40 years due to a lack of research funding.

Incidences of pancreatitis are increasing by nearly 3% per year and there is no known cure.

Whilst other organs and diseases have been much higher in profile over recent decades and investment in research into these areas has produced significant advances in prevention, diagnosis and treatments, the liver, pancreas and biliary tree have not been of similar focus.



Research is underfunded and has been over many years

Causes not known

The causes of these diseases remain unknown

Minimal guidance

There has been minimal guidance on prevention

Incidence increase

Growing numbers of people are now affected as a result

Limited treatments

There remains a lack of affirmative tests and treatments

Low survival rates

Late diagnosis means low survival rates

After 8 years funding ground-breaking research projects, LAP Research is now ready to drive new clinical and political focus on this neglected area of medicine.


At LAP Research, we strongly believe that our donors should feel confident that as much as possible of the money they give goes directly into research and other supported projects, rather than administrative costs.

We’re very proud that, for the five years up to November 2016, only 1.2% of the donations we received was spent on the administration of our charity. This is well below benchmarks for the sector.

To that end, LAP Research keeps its overheads to an absolute minimum:

  • It does not have a dedicated head office.  
  • It does not have any employees.
  • None of the Trustees or Directors is paid for their services.
  • To streamline our processes, we use leading edge, free, not-for-profit cloud-based technology.
  • To minimise the costs of our events, we seek out personal and corporate sponsorship.

Whenever costs are incurred, we approach supporters that are happy to fund those specific outgoings. This maximises our efficiency and keeps our unspecified donations channelled into research projects. When we need to buy a professional resource or service, we use only those suppliers who demonstrably minimise their costs, thereby keeping as much money as possibly for funding research.

In line with our strategy, we’ve spent more to lay the groundwork for a renewed funding drive, but our vigilance on costs remains at the core of everything we do.


For nearly 8 years now, since its formation, LAP Research has been entirely run by its trustees, with help along the way from colleagues, friends and professional supporters.  We’ve kept our running costs to the absolute minimum so we can pass on as much of the money donated directly to research.


The Trustees & Non Execs


Our Ambassadors

Our ambassadors are some of our most committed supporters, championing and supporting the charity in any and every way they can. Each has, in some way, been directly affected by the diseases about which the charity is most committed to researching and finding new options for cures. We would welcome new ambassadors to join us in our work and if you are interested, please do get in touch via email:

I am delighted to be an ambassador for LAP Research and help in any way I can to raise awareness and funds for this charity. It is actively seeking out new ways to highlight the need for more investment in this area of medicine and enable ground-breaking research to be undertaken.
— Claire